Bill Nunn

Born William Goldwyn Nunn III, surise 10/20/53 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, sunset 9/24/16 from leukemia. Went to Morehouse with Spike Lee. His dad was a scout for the Steelers. His film debut was in 1998 in School Daze by Spike Lee. He is better known for his role as Radio Raheem in Do the Right Thing. He […]

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Kathleen Cleaver #BlackPanthersAt50

Born Kathleen Neal 5/13/45 in Memphis, Texas. Her father was in the foreign service, growing up she lived in India, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the Philippines. She attended a Quaker boarding school. She left college at Barnard to be a secretary at SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee). She married Eldridge Cleaver, joined the BPP and […]

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Ericka Huggins #BlackPanthersAt50

Born Ericka Jenkins 1/5/48 in Washington, D.C. Joined BPP in Los Angeles in 1967 also worked with the New Haven, Connecticut chapter. Her husband, John Huggins, was shot to death 1/17/69 on UCLA’s campus. She had a three month old child at the time. She was tried and acquitted for murder, kidnapping, and conspiracy for […]

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“I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO” #WeAreEverywhere

James Baldwin was brilliant. Samuel L. Jackson has redeemed himself. This should be the bible on race. Martin Luther King Jr. sunrise 1/15/29 Atlanta, Georgia, sunset 4/4/68 Memphis, Tennessee. Malcolm X sunrise 5/19/25 Omaha Nebraska, sunset 2/21/65 Manhattan, New York Medgar Evers sunrise 7/2/25 Decatur, Mississippi, sunset 6/12/63 Jackson, Mississippi. It’s directed by Raoul Peck […]

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Assata Shakur #BlackPanthersAt50

Born JoAnne Deborah Byron 7/16/47 in Jamaica Queens, New York. Joined the BPP, coordinated the breakfast program and was a leading member of the Harlem branch. She said: “The basic problem stemmed from the fact that the BPP had no systematic approach to political education. They were reading the Red Book but didn’t know who […]

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