Nina Simone

She was born Eunice Waymon. She changed her name so her mother wouldn’t know she was playing non-church music a.k.a. the devil’s music a.k.a. jazz. She wanted to be the first black classical pianist to play Carnegie Hall. She wrote Mississippi Goddam after the deaths of Medgar Evans and the girls in the church in […]

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He knows how to get high on music and take us all along for the ride. He went to a Warriors game and mentioned Steph Curry in a song. No one compares to him! No one struts and walks with a cane like The Purple One. No one is funkier than Prince. No one is […]

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He tied Lil Wayne’s Billboard Hot 100 record for most appearances for a solo artist. He has been on the chart 132 times Elvis is second with 108, followed by James Brown, 91, and Jay Z 86. The cast of Glee holds the top spot at 207. One Dance is the first Spotify track to […]

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